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Your Trusted Partner

At Lowe Living we understand that property ownership is an ongoing journey that requires specialised experience and guidance every step of the way.

Lowe Living is your trusted partner, committed to achieving the vision for your property by creating luxury homes that deliver a lifestyle of uncompromised quality and enjoyment.

If you own the title to your land, Lowe Living can help you realise the potential of your current property to release equity, create an enhanced lifestyle and generate exceptional return.

Begin a Lowe Living partnership and take the next step in your investment journey, with one of our three partnership models.


Joint Venture

As the landowner you retain ownership of your land for the duration of the development and Lowe Living manages the entire development process. You retain one of the boutique apartments/ townhouses as your beautiful new home and enter into a profit share agreement whereby you as the landowner will receive your profits at settlement of all apartments/townhouses.


Commercial Partner

In this model, landowners will retain their land for the duration of the development but will not retain any of the completed apartments/townhouses. Once again, Lowe Living will look after the entire property development process. As landowner, you will enter into a profit share agreement with Lowe Living, receiving your financial return once the project is complete and the apartments/townhouses are settled.


Sell to Lowe Living

This development option invites you to sell your land to Lowe Living for the purpose of future development by Lowe Living. A longer settlement in exchange for funds can be agreed in return for a premium land sale amount.

Lowe Living provide end-to-end services across architecture & design, development management, construction, sales and marketing.

A partnership with Lowe Living will remove many of the stresses and risks associated with the planning, sales and construction process.

Each of these critical development facets will be managed by our experienced industry professionals to ensure the project’s time, cost and quality is not compromised.

Recent Success

The positive testimonials of our trusted partners and their trust in our team inspires us to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations and investment goals.

“As a landowner, I feel confident and really happy with my investment with Lowe Living. It has been a productive and satisfying experience working with a very professional and supportive team on my project over the past year.”

— Paul Elliott, Land owner

“My investment in every project since the company’s inception has been rewarding and exciting. I have full confidence in Tim’s highly professional team and their attention to detail. I completely trust the brand and have been extremely happy with the sales and marketing results on my projects. I will absolutely be working with Lowe Living again.”

— Rob Deegan, Valued partner investor

“We feel very confident about our investment so far – our project is progressing really well and the experience has definitely met expectations. We feel comfortable about our agreement and this highly professional team answers all our questions. An outstanding brand, we would absolutely invest with Lowe Living should future opportunities arise.”

— Roma and Greg McKinnon, Land owner

“I have personally been involved in numerous investments/ventures and every one of these has resulted in better than expected returns. It has always been a pleasure to partner with Lowe Living’s extremely competent and professional staff. I intend to have ongoing involvement with this trustworthy group as new investment opportunities arise.”

— Peter Lewis, Valued partner investor

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