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Lowe Group is a market-leading property development and construction company, specialising in the creation of high quality apartments and homes in Melbourne’s most aspirational suburbs.

The group incorporates two divisions:
Lowe Create and Lowe Living.

Lowe Create is respected for its expert design and meticulous construction services. To date, it has forged a strong presence across Melbourne, in particular – but not limited to – the bayside area.

While it provides building services to its partner, Lowe Living, Lowe Create also works with like-minded residential developers as well as discerning individuals. The end result is elegant yet comfortable single/multiple-dwelling homes.

Lowe Living is responsible for the end-to-end development of exclusive residential apartments.

Its services include site acquisition, development management, preparation for sale including marketing, after-sales support, as well as architectural advisory and ongoing optimisation during build.

It carefully considers every aspect of its projects to deliver stunning homes for discerning residents that value living in enviable, best-in-class locations.


Tim Lowe

Managing Director

As the leader of the Lowe team, Tim creates smart, intelligent property solutions with meticulous attention to detail. He has a life-long passion for the construction of high end residential homes through inspired design. His dedication to being a market leader in producing beautifully designed and well thought out residences, shows in the level of finish & detail apparent in a Lowe Group home. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering and close to 15 years of industry experience working with top firms including Leighton Holdings and Delta Group, Tim has a comprehensive understanding of construction methodologies and complex structures.

Tim enjoys time with family and friends, competing in triathlons and following local architecture.

Brian Lowe


The driving force behind the Lowe name within the Bayside area, Brian’s prized reputation in the industry is complimented by a career boasting over 45 years of experience. As a well-established building and  construction expert, his proven proficiency in design and space utilisation, paired with his superior knowledge of the Bayside area, ensures every project is guided by a plethora of experience.

Brian enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, gardening and holidaying with family.

A company’s success should be attributed to the skilled, dedicated team behind it. That’s why we invest in finding, training, retaining and rewarding the best in the industry. The culture at Lowe Group is reflected in our workforce stability, track record of successful developments, and the welcoming nature of our staff on site.

Everyone in our company shares our commitment to purpose and precision. We value trust, discipline, respect and integrity: the strong foundations that Lowe Group is built upon.


Lowe Group

David Marshman
Senior Company Accountant, Lowe Group

Lowe Living

Emma Lowe
Director of Client Services and Marketing, Lowe Living

Jared Byass
Director of Property Development, Lowe Living

Lisa Holbourn
Client Services Executive, Lowe Living

Eliza McGeachin
Client Services and Marketing Assistant, Lowe Living

Lowe Create

Matt Kent
Project Manager, Lowe Create

James Barr
Site Manager, Lowe Create

Adam Warfe
Contract Administrator, Lowe Create

Stuart Watt
Labourer, Lowe Create

Michael Vidotto
Labourer, Lowe Create

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